Giving back to our communities is one of our strongest and cherished corporate values. Our products are designed to improve yield and strengthen crops – our corporate social responsibility programs are meant to empower our partners and our families reach their dreams. We do these through three ways: education, livelihood programs, and environment protection.

If you want to be part of any of our programs, and believe that we are aligned in our mission to create a better environment for our families, check the following activities below.

Sinochem Philippines aims to help uplift the lives of financially challenged group of people in the community where our business operates. This is a move to give back to society through our various CSR activities which may positively impact the lives of others through short and long –term projects provided for them.

  • Edukasyon para sa bagong BayAni (Scholarship Program)

    For farmers who want to give their children a good education but do not have the means to do so. Sinochem can sponsor the scholarship of your children throughout their four years in college if you fulfill the following qualifications:
    You are a farmer without any stable source of income
    Your child is about to enter first-year college
    Your child wants to have a career in agriculture and is determined to finish an agricultural course.
    Your child passes our interview during the screening process.

  • Pagsulong ng mga bagong BayAni (Community Support and Development Program)

    For communities who need support when it comes to their members’ health and the sanitation of their environment. We also help out during disaster relief operations and rehabilitation after the crisis.

See the many lives that our corporate social responsibility programs have touched. Click here